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Finlandia Cheese Standard Page Content

  • How can I contact a Finlandia representative?
  • How can I serve Finlandia Cheese Products at my restaurant or deli?
  • Can I eat my cheese past the code date?
  • What does the “Best By” date mean on Finlandia products?
  • Can cheese be frozen?
  • Should I throw moldy cheese away?
  • How can I prevent the cheese from developing mold?
  • What is the best way to properly store cheese?
  • Are Finlandia Cheeses Gluten Free?
  • Are Finlandia Cheeses Kosher?
  • Are your cheeses made from pasteurized milk?
  • What is rennet? Are you using animal based rennet?
  • What are enzymes and what type of enzymes do you use?
  • What kind of cultures do you use in making your cheese?
  • How long do you age your cheeses?
  • Which Finlandia Cheeses are Lactose Free?
  • How can Finlandia Cheese be Lactose Free?
  • Are all Finlandia Cheeses Lactose Free?
  • Where are Finlandia Cheeses made?