About Finlandia

Pure Nordic Goodness

Finlandia proudly makes the very best tasting cheeses and butter.  For over a century, we’ve adhered to our Finnish roots of using the highest quality natural ingredients that are impeccably pure, to craft goodness that makes every meal…Simply Made Better.

Creating a Sustainable Future

Finlandia is owned by Valio LTD, an innovative global dairy company that began as a co-op of small family farms in Finland. As one of Finland's most sustainable companies for almost a decade, Valio takes immense pride in their responsibility to the environment, the animals, the people, and society.

We want to do our part in solving these challenges. Valio and Finlandia's cornerstones of sustainability take a cooperative approach, highlighting animal welfare and sustainable milk production through which we create wellbeing in Finland and beyond.

Promoting sustainable farming practices Valio has invested in biodiversity and biogas technology, carbon footprint calculation, and carbon binding in grasslands Through our imported products from Finland, we can help to extend this legacy and continue to educate more people about emerging topics like regenerative agriculture.

Animal welfare Finland is home to some of the most pristine land in the world, featuring the world's happiest cows! Learn more about how we take care of them in this special BBC Age of Change presentation.

Exploring packaging alternatives Through our imported products from Finland, we continue to strive to make a meaningful impact on our packaging standards and food safety.

Discover the Award-Winning Taste

Because Finlandia uses some of the purest milk on the planet to make its butter and cheeses, our products are incredibly delicious — how can they not? Enjoy our butter’s delightfully creamy flavor and smooth texture, which is perfect for baking, cooking and especially eating. Enhance your meals with the distinctively rich, nutty and robust flavor of Finlandia’s Imported Swiss or the creamy, smooth and zesty flavor of our Imported Muenster. Savor our Gouda-Parmesan, also known as Keisarinna, which means ‘Empress’ in Finnish — it has a distinctly delicious flavor combination. But don’t take our word for it – we’ve earned the ‘Best in Class’ award for our Unsalted Butter and the ‘World Championship’ Award for our legendary Imported Swiss cheese among other recognitions.

Our Finnish Heritage


Valio is founded in Finland as a co-operative of small family owned dairy farmers.


A.I Virtanen, Director of Valio Laboratory wins the Noble Prize for Chemistry.


Valio begins exporting Emmental/swiss cheese to the United States as “Cheeses” from Finland.

Late 1970s

The Finlandia brand is developed and marketed to the northeastern U.S.


Valio acquires the Finlandia brand and increases distribution nationwide.


Finlandia expands its product line to include Imported Butter.

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