Our Cheeses & Butter

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  • Butter loaf
    Butter label

    Crafted with pure milk from family-owned farms. Rich, creamy flavor. Nothing artificial. No added hormones. Available in Salted and Unsalted.

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  • Imported Cheese Wheels loaf
    Imported Cheese Wheels label

    Finland’s favorite cheese is crafted with the purest milk for a bold taste, perfect for entertaining

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  • Keisarinna loaf
    Keisarinna label

    A Royal Marriage of Creamy Sweet Gouda and Sharp Parmesan

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  • Creamy Gourmet loaf
    Creamy Gourmet label

    Discover the five delicious flavors of Finlandia Creamy Gourmet Cheese made from the purest milk in the world.

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  • Swiss loaf
    Swiss label

    The gold standard in Swiss Cheese. Distinctively rich and nutty, Finlandia Swiss is crafted from the purest milk and carefully aged for 100 days for a delicious, robust flavor.

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  • Lacey Swiss loaf
    Lacey Swiss label

    A full flavored Swiss cheese, Finlandia Lacey Swiss Cheese is also reduced fat, low in sodium and naturally lactose free. Lacey Swiss cheese has a delicious rich nutty flavor and light, airy texture.

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  • Light Swiss loaf
    Light Swiss label

    Finlandia Light Swiss Cheese is the best of both worlds. It’s naturally aged longer, giving it a full, rich flavor like no other light Swiss cheese.

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  • American loaf
    American label

    We made Yellow and White American deli cheese, a true favorite, bolder and more flavorful by making it with 6 month aged Cheddar cheese.

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  • Colby Jack loaf
    Colby Jack label

    A delicious blend of Colby and Monterey Jack cheeses, Finlandia Colby Jack Deli Cheese has a mellow, mild flavor making it a popular and versatile cheese.

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  • Gouda loaf
    Gouda label

    A smooth, creamy cheese, Finlandia Gouda Cheese is rich and balanced in flavor and texture.

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  • Havarti loaf
    Havarti label

    Buttery and slightly zesty, Finlandia Havarti Deli Cheese offers delicious flavor with a smooth, delicate texture.

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  • Jalapeño Muenster loaf
    Jalapeño Muenster label

    A delicious blend of creamy Muenster with a spicy kick of Jalapeño peppers, Finlandia All Natural Jalapeño Muenster Cheese gives bold flavor to any sandwich or recipe.

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  • Lappi loaf
    Lappi label

    A smooth, creamy cheese, Finlandia Lappi Cheese is rich and buttery in flavor. A versatile, gluten free cheese, Lappi Cheese goes well in any dish.

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  • Monterey Jack loaf
    Monterey Jack label

    Delicate and buttery, Finlandia Monterey Jack Cheese is a mild, creamy cheese, versatile enough for any recipe.

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  • Muenster loaf
    Muenster label

    Aged 60 days for a full-bodied, zesty flavor, Finlandia Muenster Cheese is delightfully creamy and smooth. The perfect melting cheese.

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  • Pepper Jack loaf
    Pepper Jack label

    Finlandia Pepper Jack Cheese is made with real diced jalapeños! A flavorful blend of mild, buttery Monterey Jack cheese and spicy peppers, our All Natural Pepper Jack Deli Cheese adds real ‘zing’ to any sandwich or recipe.

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  • Provolone loaf
    Provolone label

    A true classic! Finlandia Provolone Cheese is naturally lactose and gluten free and aged 60 days for an authentic, sharp flavor, the way Provolone was meant to taste.

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  • Sharp Cheddar loaf
    Sharp Cheddar label

    Aged 6 months, Finlandia Sharp Cheddar Cheese is naturally lactose free, gluten free and has a bold, rich flavor. It’s smooth and creamy making it perfect for snacking and melting in your favorite recipes.

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